Here's How To Do A Home Haircut During This Pandemic

Hair getting a little long? Check out these vids!

April 9, 2020
need haircut


When the Coronavirus pandemic hit in March, many people scrambled for food and hoarded toilet paper.  Some may have forgot about their hair!  I know I did.  I kept thinking that maybe salons would still be open, with stylists wearing gloves and masks.  After Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers gave the order to stay, "Safer At Home" haircut deadline passed.  

So, what was I to do?  My wife offered to cut my hair.  She watched a few videos (posted below) and thought it would be easy.  Until the day to cut was upon us.  

"I'm a little nervous," her words, not mine.  But, with the help of our great listeners, she started cutting!

Here's the before and after look....not bad, right?

before after cut


If you're looking for an easier "how-to" videos, here's a few that can help you cut your own, or your man's!