Here's How To Make Your Carved Pumpkins Last

If you carve too soon, keep that Jack-O'lantern fresh!

October 9, 2019

Did you buy those pumpkins for your yard display this fall?  The plan usually is to buy 'em early to decorate, then carve 'em as you get closer to Halloween.  But, how close?


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Your kids may have begged you to go to a pumpkin farm and pick out some juicy lookin' pumpkins.  They hit the pumpkin patch lookin' for a few that have a sort of flat surface, which is perfect for carving!  Oh, and because they are excited about getting them...they'll be amped up to carve them!  You'll have to temper their excitement, so you don't carve the pumpkins too early.  Who wants moldy, rotting Jack O'lanterns on their porch?  Well, they ARE scary....

When is a good time to carve them?  Pumpkin experts say three days before Halloween, and they'll look great for a week.  But, there are some of you who are influenced (i.e. - nagged) by your kids to do it sooner!  Here are some ways to keep your pumpkins from rotting too soon...

1. Wrap 'em up!  If you do carve early, you can wrap them in plastic wrap and throw 'em in the fridge in between displays at night!

2. Grease it!  Slap some petroleum jelly on 'em.  The oily layer will keep in moisture, preventing it from drying out.

3. Give it a bath!  How 'bout that trick to give your pumpkin a treat?   A bath in ice water and bleach will help kill mold.  Click to see the steps!

Have fun carving those pumpkins!  ~Radar