What You Need To Know - Updated Cities and Counties with Safer At Home Orders in SE WI

May 18, 2020

On Wednesday, May 13th, the Wisconsin State Supreme Court overturned the, "Safer at Home" order extension.  That extension was to go until May 26th.  Now, many counties and cities are putting their own guidelines in effect.  Initially, there was some confusion as to the timeline of when the order was going to be lifted.  The Court said it would happen immediately. 


All the info can be confusing, so here some of the local decisions by officials in Southeast Wisconsin areas.


- The City of Milwaukee will continue to follow the safer at home guidelines it put forth on March 25.

- Suburban Milwaukee County Health Departments have released their own order.  Check with your city or CLICK HERE

- The City of Racine will keep their order in place until May 26th as well.

- Kenosha County will keep their order in place until May 26th.  Officials there say relaxing the guidelines would result in a spike in positive cases.

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