Get What You Want in 2020 By Wearing This Color Underwear

Plan the outfit AND what's under your clothes!

December 11, 2019



Was 2019 a tough year for you?  Money problems, lost love or maybe you couldn't quite shake that cold?  If you're ready to party away the year on New Year's Eve, you can start fresh and set the tone for the year. 

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Before putting on your NYE outfit, make sure to pick out the right color underwear.  Didn't think your underwear had magic powers?  Guess again!

 PopSugar says what you’ve got on underneath when the ball drops, could bring you what you want for your new year.

blue boxers

So, you may want to choose the shade of your undies based on the kind of luck you’re hoping to have in 2020.  Here’s how they break it down:

Yellow - For Wealth and success. Yellow might not be the color of money, but could help ya build your bank account.  Go ahead, buy those shoes you want...don't worry about those holiday bills! 

Red - For Love and romance. Wear if you're tired of bad Tinder dates or the only affection you're getting is from your cat.

White - Peace and happiness. Want less stress in '20?  White will help jump start your calmness for the year.

Pink -  Love and harmony. Wear this if your relationship hit some rough patches last year.  Deep breath...exhale that conflict right out!

Green - Life, nature, and overall well-being. Wear this color when you're ready to break your phone addiction, and get wild...sorry, get IN the wild! 

Blue - Wellness and good health. Wear if: You can’t shake the sniffles or you’re dedicated to making this the year you finally get fit!  2020 is the year of YOU!!