Ever have a bartender do this?

Is this crossing a line?

March 20, 2019

When does a bartender cross a line?  When I was in Door County, I felt one may have crossed a line of being friendly, and being too friendly!

My wife and I stayed at a lodge in Door County for the weekend.  It was a great getaway!  One of the perks was an onsite bar!  So, we naturally hit it!

Since it was St. Patrick's Day weekend, we started at the lodge bar.  We met the bartender, "Willie" (not his real name).  He was older, but a heck of a nice guy!  He had high school playoff basketball on, served a beer and asked us where we were from.  

After telling him, "Milwaukee"...he motioned for the cook to bring out popcorn.  Well, once the popcorn bowl was set in front of us, Willie proceeded to help himself to MY popcorn.  Didn't ask for his own bowl...just took mine!

After an hour, my wife and I hit the bars in town.  Just a few stops was all we needed.  We then headed back to the lodge bar.  Since we were hungry, my wife and I wanted to order an appetizer.  Kind of like a late night snack.

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We found our way to the lodge bar, and there was Willie!  He handed me a beer and said, "Ya hungry"?  So, we ordered the combo platter of wings, mac n cheese bites and fries.  

When the basket came out, Willie continued to talk to us...AND, he helped himself to my fries!  And then, came back for a wing!  

I was in vacation mode, and oiled up with beer...so, I didn't mind too much.  Plus, I wasn't going to finish a big combo basket anyway!  But, did ol' Willie cross the friendly line?

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