Ever Find A Home Hack By Accident?

A pair of knitted mittens keeps your hands warm and your house clean

February 18, 2020

Household chores aren't fun, are they?  Take dusting for example.  You have to grab the spray and a paper towel.  Then go to work on wiping down any dusty surfaces.  You'll throw out that paper towel once you're done.  There goes money into the garbage.

How about when you paint?  You can try to stay in a corner so perfectly, or off the woodwork.  Most of the time, you'll slop a little on an area you don't want paint on!  

I made a discovery while painting the other day.  I wanted to find a way to keep paint off my hands.  No matter how careful I try to be...fingers always get full of paint.  I also needed to dust off some spaces close to the workwork.  How could I save time, without burning through a roll of paper towels?


"Knittens" as I like to call them.  Knitted mittens!  I grabbed an old pair, and they worked!  Sure, I could've used latex or some other glove.  But, the "knittens" allow your hands to breathe!

Also found that I can dust little corners with them!


Oops, ya got paint on something?  Like this corner?  No problem!


No problem with the, "knittens".  


Ok, so maybe I'm late to the party on wearing mittens when I dust or paint.  But, I feel I stumbled upon a discovery!  Try it yourself and...if you have other hacks you use at home, PLEASE SHARE!  I could use all the help I can get!