Does this happen to you in the car?

Carcolepsy is a thing

April 3, 2019


Does this happen to you as a passenger in a car?  The minute the car starts fall asleep.  Seems like that passenger seat is more comfy than a bed!  My wife is one who will zonk out IMMEDIATELY when we hit the road.  It happened on a trip to AND from Chicago.  But, it doesn't have to be a long trip.  She can sleep in the car from our house to the store!  How does that happen?

For some people, it can be easy to sleep since someone else has the responsibility of battling traffic.  No worries means you're relaxed, and ready for some Z's.  

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For those that drive, it can be nice when the passenger's sleep.  You have the radio to yourself and you can control the temp in the car, without complaints!  If you have that person who you know is a backseat driver, well...sleeping will keep them quiet!

I posted the question on Facebook recently.  I didn't realize so many people are just like my wife, and can easily fall asleep in the car!  Have you joined the convo on Facebook?  Let me know if a car ride puts you in a trance!  ~Radar