Does this decision cause couples to fight?

The grocery store is to blame for this ritual!

June 19, 2019

What decision spoils a good mood between you, and your partner?  Is it a decision about money?  Kids?  Where to go for dinner?  My wife and I are always at odds over this one little thing....

How many items can you take into the self check-out at the grocery store?

Here's the deal... my wife an I were shopping for a "few" items at the store.  Well, a "few" turn into a cart full.  We then head to the check out, only to see the lanes about 4 people deep!  The self check out has a few people, and one register open.

My wife said, "Let's just do the self check.  We need to get home to make dinner."  I'm like, "uh, we 70 items!"

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That didn't stop her, as we started checking out.  I could just feel the eyes on me of people waiting to use the self check, as they held 4 items.

I asked, "How many items can you take into self check out?" on Facebook.  Some of the comments were...

Cyndi - "As many as you want. There is no "limit" sign, so use the self check for as many"

Justin - "Unless there is a number listed, you can take as many as you want"

Natasha - "Self is supposed to be for small orders"

What do you think? Add your comments on Facebook!  ~Radar