Do you make time for your hobby?

If you have a hobby, do you make time for it?

October 31, 2018

Do you have a hobby, but don’t have the time to actually do it?  I’ve always wanted to play guitar like a pro.  When I started in radio, a musician came to the radio station and I was amazed!  That guitar sounded so cool!  I soooo wanted to be able to pick up a guitar, and start strumming…anything!

I bought a cheap one to get started.  Man, I almost gave up!  It wasn’t until I spent a little more (like $200) for a nicer guitar, that the practice got easier.  I bought books and DVD’s for novice players (me).  I found I didn’t have a lot of time to practice, especially with some DVD’s an hour long.  Again, almost gave up!

It wasn’t until I started searching the almighty YouTube, that learning became a little easier.  There are so many free vids to help you get started, learning chords and how strum patterns.  I also found that just a few minutes each day, or every other day made me better at the guitar.  I decided to stick with it, even if I only had a few minutes for my hobby.  I feel that’s the most important thing about hobbies…y’all need to take time to do them!

So, what hobby do you wish you had more time to do?  I think we adults owe it to ourselves to FIND that time!  The kids keep us busy, our jobs take up time, our kids keep us…wait, mentioned kids already!  You do so much for your family, co-workers and friends…why not make time for yourself?

Why not try it today?  Start learning a new language, break out the canvass and paint, create fun stuff in the kitchen, build a bird house and pick up that guitar!  Maybe we can form a “Hobby Band”?  Might not sound like The Eagles, Hootie and the Blowfish or Maroon 5…but, we’ll all have the time for our hobbies!