Do you let your pet do THIS?

The dog gets spoiled

March 6, 2019

If you have a pet, you may treat them like a human!  But, do you let your dog...slurp out of your cup? 

This is our dog, "Gibby".  Notice, I introduced him as, "our dog"...not our kid, family!  My wife thinks he is a person!  Treats him like a real, human....BOY!

She lets him do many human things.  Sit at the table (on occasion), sit on her lap, change his diaper (kidding!).  The one thing that drives me nuts is...letting him drink milk out of a cup!

My wife dunks sugar cookies in milk (no chocolate) and Gibby LOVES the milk.  So, she'll use a spoon and let him lap up a little milk.  I'll sit there and say, "you don't feed me like that."  She always counters with, "after Gibby, you can have some."  

Uh, no thanks!

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