Here's how to tell if you grew up in the "Cool House" on the block!

June 22, 2020

Growing up, you knew who had the, "cool hangout" house.  Maybe the house had an awesome video gaming system?  Or a pool!!! 

New survey says gaming and a pool were a few reasons why we'd hang at someone's house more often.  But parents, if you want your kids to have the house where every kid wants to hang.... make sure you have plenty of snacks! 

Yup, the survey says the true sign of the, "cool house" was the boatload of good snacks!  As a kid, I can remember being hungry all the time.  Must've been too busy to stop and actually eat!  

What else makes a "cool house"?  The survey says....

-Video Games (38%)

-Pool (34%)

-Different toys than me (33%)

-Big backyard (31%)

-A dog/pet to play with (29%)

Maybe load up on all of them, if you want a housefull of kids this summer?!?!?