Could Tik Tok Change Your Life? Check out the "Dreams Challenge"

A viral video changed a man's life. Could his "morning vibes" change yours?

October 8, 2020

You know how starting off on the wrong foot can just ruin the rest of the day?  Maybe take a lesson from Nathan Apodaca.  His truck broke down on his way to work at an Idaho potato warehouse.  He needed to get to work, so he pulled out his long board, a jug of Ocean Spray juice and his phone.  While riding his skate board, he made what has become a viral video on Tik Tok.

He called it, "Morning Vibes" and lip-sync'd the lyrics, "It's only right that you should play the way you feel it", from Fleetwood Mac's, "Dreams".  The video has millions of views, and attracted the attention of the CEO of Ocean Spray and Mick Fleetwood from the band.  Ocean Spray gave Nathan a brand new truck, filled with juice.  He also has an L.A. based agent!  Maybe we'll see him in more commericals or on TV in some way!

The video has also had other Tik Tok users copying Nathan's original.  I even tried my hand at it, with a Wisconsin twist!  That twist included a hover board and a bottle of beer!  Not sure I'll top the original video, but it's a fun way to, "get your vibe on".

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