Can you top the size of this Santa?

How big is your decor?

December 13, 2019
Santa XXL

Are you someone who goes crazy with outdoor decorations?  I used to have inflatables in the front yard.  From a Snowman and Snowwoman, to Santa and reindeer, our front yard was a wind machine.  Add in the elves and little snow village, I USED to have a big display.  The squirrels in our neighborhood put an end to the display.  They always chewed the inflatable items.  

My house won't stop traffic.  But if you're driving in my hometown of West Allis, this Santa will make ya say, "Pump the brakes"!  It's a huge SANTA!  Wonder where the homeowners store this guy?

I found out the owners keep him in storage.  They have it on a trailer, and haul him to the front yard every year.  They've told me people stop and take pics with it during the holiday season!

big santa
big santa

Good luck sittin' on this Santa's lap! 

santa 2

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big santa

Do you have big characters in your display?  After seeing this one, the challenge is on!

This Santa will have to do some good squeezin', to get down the chimney!