Can you top the size of this Santa?

How big is your decor?

December 12, 2018


Are you someone who goes crazy with outdoor decorations?  I used to hang lights on my house and garage.  We also had inflatables in the front yard. From a Snowman and Snowwoman, to Santa and reindeer, our front yard was a wind machine.  Add in the elves and little snow village, I USED to have a big display.

Now??  I've slacked a little this year....and went with flood lights only.


THAT won't stop traffic.  But, this Santa I saw in West Allis will make ya stop in your tracks!  It's a huge display.  Wonder where the homeowners store this guy?

big santa
big santa

Do you have a big display?  Do you have characters that are 20 feet tall?

Good luck sittin' on his lap!  And, how DOES he get down the chimney?