Can dogs and cats live together in peace?

Did you ever introduce a cat to the house?

May 29, 2019


Have you ever introduced a new member to your family?  I'm not talking about a person...but a new pet?  If you've listened to the show, my two daughters, Lexi and Hailey have wanted a cat for a while.  I kept putting off getting one.  Our family has had pet cats in the past.  "Friday" and "Wrigley" lived long lives.  My wife and I got them before the kids were born.  They grew up with the cats, and loved them!  We then got our rescue dog, Gibby in 2013.  I thought the cat talk would be done.  I was wrong.

Both of my daughter's recently asked to add a cat to our household.   They'd ask, "Dad, what do we have to do to change your mind"?   Since they play high school softball, they came up with the, "Great Cat Bet".  If one would hit a home run during the high school season, could they get a cat?  

Neither had hit a home run in softball, a sport they've played since both were 4 years old.  So, I agreed.

And then, both hit home runs this spring!

So, we're adding a cat to the family.  My worry is how to introduce the the dog?  Have you done that in your life?  I found this great video on how to help get our dog Gibby, to accept the new addition.  

Have you tried something like this before?  Let me know what worked for you!  Hit me on FACEBOOK