Born in 1999? Then 2020 is Your Year For Free Beer!

Will there be a run on fake ID's for those 21 and older already?

January 15, 2020


When Prince sang, "Party like it's 1999"...did he mean those born in 1999 would party at 21?  Ok, that's a stretch.  But, if you (someone you know) were born in 1999, this is your year for free beer!

Natural Light, better known as "Natty Light" is once again giving away free beer.  In October of 2019, Natty gave away free brew if you unfollowed the competition on social media. 

So now, they are rewarding their fan base (college students) with free beer if they're turning 21 this year!


Yep, anyone celebrating their 21st birthday this year can head over to THIS WEBSITE.  You'll need to use the offer code, AB-1999, prove you're 21 and use the UPC off the package or the receipt.  The company will then reimburse the purchase. 

My son, Noah is turning 21 on June 2nd.  Looks like dad will enjoy a few "Nattys" for his birthday!


Natty Light is also featuring the best birthday photos on the 21st of every month of 2020.  Use their hashtag on social, #NattyBDay and tag them on Instagram (@naturallightbeer) and Twitter (@naturallight).  They will re-post the best birtday celebration photos on their social platforms.  Happy 21st!