Avoid these mistakes when dyeing eggs!

Are you making these mistakes when dyeing eggs?

April 17, 2019

Parents, this is the week you'll boil up those eggs (unless you use an Instant Pot!) and let the kids dye them.  It's fun for families to create the colorful orbs for Easter.  If you remember as a kid, it seemed like the longest wait was boiling them (or, again the IP!).  There are a few main things to consider when prepping the eggs, and this ARTICLE will help.  Here are a few tips.....

Do you use fresh eggs?  That's a mistake!  The older the eggs, the better.  An egg loses it's moisture over time.  Older eggs peel better than fresh eggs.  

Now, yer ready to dye!

DO NOT skip the vinegar when mixing those color tablets with water!  The acids in vinegar help bond dye to eggs . Check the pantry, make sure you have white vinegar!  

If you're dreading the dye getting all over the kitchen table, countertop or floor, there are alternatives to dyeing eggs.  Check out the vids below, and Happy Easter!