Are you a superstitious person? If so, this would probably worry you!


January 16, 2019
superstition mirror

Are you someone who is superstitious?  Maybe you avoid stepping on cracks in the sidewalk, spill salt you have to throw it over your left shoulder?  Or, is it the right?  AHH!

Well, I came home the other day to a broken mirror!!  It was a decorative one in our bathroom.  Keyword : WAS!  My wife accidentally knocked it off the wall, and when it hit the floor...CRACK!

superstition mirror

Is it true what I've heard?  This means seven years of bad luck?  I mean, we just had herring on New Year's Eve!  That's supposed to bring good luck!  Maybe that means the herring cancels out the bad luck of the mirror breaking?  Would YOU be worried?