Are you someone who celebrates a vehicle milestone?

When your car hits a big number, you post!

November 7, 2018
Do you celebrate vehicle milestones?

Your car is your life!  Without it, you don't get to work.  Or, pick up the kids on time.  We are in our cars so much, feels like our vehicle is a family member! 

That said, you mark when family members have birthdays, weddings or other special occasions.  Do you remember the milestones on your vehicle?  Like, when you hit 10,000 miles?  Or, hit the GRAND?  Maybe more?!?!?

I miss snapping a pic anytime my, "Kid Hauler" or "Stealth" hits a round number...that is, until now!  I happen to look down and saw, 105000!  Totally lucky!  To mark the momentus occasion, I decided to post it up!  I know, it's weird.  But, how often does your car hit six figure....miles?  

Is your vehicle approaching a milestone?  Take time to remember when it does.  It's a big deal!