Are teens picky about their pics?

October 17, 2018

Are all teens picky about...their pics?  What up? It's Radar from the morning show!  My youngest, Hailey hates it when I snap pics of her!  She'll hold her phone in front of her face, or just give me the, "talk to the hand" when I try to catch her in a selfie!  It's fun to try to catch her.  I won't even say anything, just snap away!  She absolutely hates it!

What's so bad about it?  I guess kids in their teens are a little shy, and picky!  There are pics I see of her on social, where she has only half her face showing.  I'm like, "Hey! You do it!"  

Of course, I get the typical, "it's different dad"!  

I did catch her the other day!  I was trying to be sneaky in the parking lot at school.  And, check it worked!

I'll post more, "Dad Game" stuff!  Really fun to be a dork with my kids!