After check out, have you left this mess in a hotel room?

Hotel room prank

February 6, 2019


Have you ever pulled a prank on the hotel staff?   I have, and continue to pull this one anytime I check out of a hotel!  It's a surprise for the cleaning staff...well, at least I HOPE it surprises them!  

If you want to pull this off, it's easy!  First, I'll use the extra pillows under the sheets to form a, "body".  If there is a different color blanket or "throw", that will help it look like a head full of hair!  Lay out the phone, remote and maybe a bottle of water for effect!  Makes it LOOK like the room is still occupied!

I even did the, "double body" prank in the past.  I imagine the staff walks in to clean, and says, "WHOA"!

My only regret is, I never see the reaction!