A Local Firefighter Reveals Secrets About A TV Show

Ever wonder how TV shows make things look so real? Get some "behind-the-scenes" secrets from my friend, Fire Fighter Tim!

March 11, 2020
radar tim

My friend Tim, is a fire fighter in Slinger, WI.  A very interesting thing about him is he has an artificial heart valve.  He also has other medical issues, but that doesn't stop him from enjoying life!

In the past year, he has appeared on "Chicago Fire" and "Chicago PD" as a fire fighter extra.  Basically, he's in the background.  It's one of those, "if you blink, you miss him" situations.  While part of one scene, in a quiet hospital room the microphone used to pick up voices...the producer heard Tim's artificial heart valve ticking!  He thought there would be no way he would be invited back as an extra.  But, he has been back a few times!

Tim was then invited back for more "extra" work.  The scene in Chicago, called for Tim to be an EMT.  He's supposed to help lift a patient into the ambulance, jump in the front seat and then drive away.  Well, there was a reason the director had to shout, "CUT"...and it was because of Tim!

He also shared many secrets about how TV makes fires and other scenes look so real!  Listen to the latest, "On The Radar" podcast with Fire Fighter Tim....and find out those secrets and...how he messed up yet another scene!

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