5 Quick Tips To Make Working From Home a Success!

Follow some simple steps, and you'll want to work from home forever!

March 18, 2020
happy computer

Ever wake up and think, "I wish I could stay in bed and work from home today"?  Well, the Coronavirus concern has made people's dreams come true!  Wait, the working from home part...not the virus! 

Ok, so staying in your PJ's all day or not shaving sounds awesome!  If you want, you can cuddle with your pets for a quick break.  Think you could really be productive?  Distractions are EVERYWHERE at home.  So, try to follow a few simple steps to enjoy working from home, yet stay productive!

1. Try not to pay too much attention to the pets -

Our dog, Gibby wants to play ball while my wife is set up in our living room.


They are already confused on why you are home.  They are inquisitive enough, without you encouraging them to hang out with you during that important video call.  My pets are always bugging my wife, while she works from home.  Then it's our cat, Luna.  Give a little attention to the dog, the cat then wants it.  Although, she's way more forward with asking for it!


Again...leave the pets be while trying to work from home.

2. Brush your teeth, get dressed...even put on make up!

You'll want to look presentable in video chats...and not like a college student shaking off that frat party from last night.  Don't you want to at least appear professional, despite trying to "flatten the curve"?

3. Do not stay in bed!

Have a desk (table) with a chair, don't slouch on the couch!  Want a back ache all day?  Sure you're home but, why not be comfy?!?

4. All work and no play makes you a dull person

Take breaks, just like you would at work.  Maybe take your dog (or yourself) and go for a walk.  Your mom would say fresh air is good for the brain.  At least, my mom said that!

5. Maintain that "Work-Life Balance"

Once the work day is done, don't be tempted to check emails or get a head start on the next day.  This is a temporary thing (we hope!) and it's important not to make your home office, a permanent one.  

The hope is, the more we practice social distancing, the harder it will be for the Coronavirus to spread.  Thus, it won't be around for as long as it could be!  Let's make the best of it, and hopefully...we'll be back to normal before we know it!