2020 Just Got Better With A Mac N Cheese Dispenser

June 30, 2020
mac and cheese

Yes!!! Some good stuff coming from 2020... 

Stouffer's is introducing a game changer!  It's a Mac N Cheese dispenser!  Hey, beer is on tap...why not the Mac?


How about that?  Looks like a nacho cheese pump, that also serves the noodles all warmed up!  There is a heater inside that keeps the mac at serving temperature.  Bring a bowl if you see one of these!

Stouffer's wants to know where the taps should go.  Places like a mall, gas station...or your house???  Tag Stouffer's (@Stouffers) with ideas on Twitter and Instagram.  Not sure when you'll see these life savers, but expect 'em sometime in 2020!