Bella Hadid Gushes About The Weeknd in Vogue 73 Questions Interview

The adorable couple is back at it!

December 20, 2018

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd are such a sincere couple and continuously express their admiration and love for one another. After getting back together over the summer, The Weeknd revealed that he felt their love was the truest he could find and that a brief period of dating around confirmed what he already suspected.

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As the latest celebrity to appear in Vogue’s 73 Questions video series, the stunning Bella discussed things about both her personal life and her extensive career. She describes her biggest success as her “health and mental state,” revealing that she’s feeling better than ever before.

While dressed in equestrian gear, walking around her horse farm, and petting the adorable animals, Bella gave a look into the strength of her relationship with the “Call Out My Name” singer. She answered that he’s the funniest person, describing him as “the most beautiful person” she knows.

Before sharing the sweet answers about her relationship, the super successful model dove into her background as a photography major and explained how important making art is to her. A pro in front of and behind the lens! Watch the charming interview in the video above.