Three Easy Care Garden Gifts for the Holidays

November 25, 2016

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Dress up the holidays or give gifts that continue giving throughout the year with these low maintenance gardening trends.

Terrariums are mini greenhouses perfect for the new or timid gardener. Just plant a few small tropical plants, moisten the soil, close the lid and you have a self-contained growing chamber.

Growing succulents is a great choice for busy gardeners. You won’t need much space to enjoy the subtle colors and dramatic form of these drought tolerant plants. Just place them in a sunny window and water whenever the soil is dry.

Unique and amazing air plants can certainly be described as the definitive easy care plant. No soil is needed for these versatile plants. Just hang them in a bright location and soak in tepid non-softened water once every week or two. Display them in an open terrarium, shell, or another decorative container.

A bit more information:  And don’t overlook low maintenance houseplants like pothos, philodendron and snake plants. The many new varieties give these easy care plants a new look for indoor gardens.

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