Storing Squash for Winter

October 5, 2016

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Continue enjoying homegrown flavor of squash throughout much of the winter. 

Hubbard squash will last about six months while butternut and acorn squash will last up to two months in storage.  Pick the squash when fully mature. They will have a firm rind and deep color. Leave at least an inch of the stem intact.

Handle with care and don’t use the stem as a handle. Damaged fruit will not last as long in storage.

Cure the fruit by leaving it in the sun for ten days.  Cover the fruit whenever frost is in the forecast.

Place in single layers in a crate or on a harvest rack with crumpled paper in between.  The paper prevents any rot that develops on one squash from spreading to its neighbors.

Store in a dark, cool location with temperatures around 50 to 60 degrees F.  Colder temperatures can damage the fruit.

A bit more information:  Check stored fruits and vegetables regularly. Discard any soft or rotten fruit as soon as it is found. 


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