Small Plants with Big Impact

March 9, 2016

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Don’t let a lack of space stop you from planting. Include some small plants with big impact to liven up your landscape. Select plants with multiple seasons of interest, long bloom periods or colorful foliage and interesting form. Tweety and Little Bird threadleaf coreopsis flower all summer on 8- to 10-inch-tall plants.  Jazz little bluestem is a non-floppy cultivar of our native prairie grass. The blue green foliage and purple stems brighten the summer landscape, while fall color and seedheads brighten the fall and winter garden.

Lowscape is a low-growing chokeberry with white flowers in spring, glossy green leaves, red fall color and fruit that persists into winter. And try repeat bloomers like Bloomarang lilac and Sonic Bloom weigela.Or save space and go vertical.  Winner’s Circle and Morning Magic are both hardy climbing roses that repeat bloom.

A bit more information:  Add season long color by incorporating plants with colorful or variegated foliage.  Spilled wine weigela has deep purple foliage and Tuxedo has dark purple almost black leaves that contrast nicely with white flowers.  Add season-long color to containers with Little Zin, a dwarf purple-leafed hibiscus.

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