Scarlet Runner Bean: Colorful, Edible with Great Hummingbird Appeal

March 14, 2016

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Add some color and hummingbird appeal to your garden and containers with Scarlet runner bean. This climbing pole bean has scarlet flowers that eventually turn into edible snap beans. Grow them in a sunny spot on a trellis, arbor or fence. Use them to screen bad views or near your home, patio or other area where you can enjoy their beauty and the hummingbirds that come for a visit.

Plant seeds in properly prepared soil in a sunny location in the garden or container. Plant seeds about an inch deep and 2 to 3 inches apart. They should sprout in about 2 weeks. Thin them, so the remaining plants are 4 to 8 inches apart. Continual harvesting keeps the plant producing more flowers and beans. Harvest beans when the pods are full size but not swollen.  And try a few of the flowers – they’re edible too. Use them in salads, soups or desserts.

A bit more information: Or brighten the garden with purple and yellow pole beans. The colorful fruit will add beauty to the garden and your family will have fun watching the purple beans turn green when cooked.

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