Preventing Animal Damage

September 9, 2016

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With the change of seasons animals often change their eating habits. Be prepared to protect your fall harvest and gardens. 

Fencing, when done right, is the most effective though not always the most practical solution. Make sure your fence is high enough, tight to the ground and gates are secure. You’ll need a four feet high fence for rabbits and at least 5 to 6 feet high to keep deer out of small gardens. For digging animals, you will need to bury a portion of the fence 6 to 18 inches deep depending on the intruder.

Vary scare tactics for best results. Many gardeners report success with motion activated sprinklers.

Repellents use smell and taste to discourage animals from dining in your landscape. Apply repellents before animals start feeding for best results. Then reapply as recommended on the label.

Monitor results and use a variety of tactics to increase your success.

A bit more information: Install taller fencing that’s 7 feet or more to keep deer out of larger areas. And consider using plants less favored by wildlife. This is not 100% effective as the larger the population and the scarcer the food the more likely wildlife will eat whatever plants are available. However, selecting wisely will increase your odds of success.

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