Plants for the Wine & Plant Enthusiasts

July 6, 2016

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If you are a wine and garden enthusiast you may want to include a few flowers named for your favorite wine. It’s a fun way to combine two hobbies.

Landscape Designer Bobbie Schwartz shared a few of her favorites on Bobbie’s Green Thumb Pages.

If you like reds, you may want to include Burgundy Glow ajuga also known as bugleweed. This groundcover has a combination of green, white, rose and pink leaves and is covered with spikes of violet-blue flowers in spring.

For the Pinot lovers consider the hardy Hibiscus ‘Pinot Noir’ with large red flowers or Hibiscus Splash Pinot Grigio with large white flowers and a pale pink ring at the center. Both are three feet tall and wide and flower from mid-summer into fall.

Champagne lovers may want to include Clematis Pink Champagne™.  You’ll enjoy the large deep pink flowers with the pale center and wavy edged petals.

A bit more information: For more wine inspired flower varieties visit And be sure to look for others at your favorite garden center or plant catalogue.

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