Plan and Grow a Fragrant Garden

November 16, 2016

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Plant a bit of aromatherapy to elevate your mood and bring back fond memories from your past.

Think about all the places in your home and garden where a bit of fragrance can be enjoyed.  Include a pot of fragrant stocks or heliotrope by the front door to welcome you home and greet visitors. Or plant Nicotiana (flowering tobacco) outside your bedroom window for a fragrant end to the day. Line your walkways with thyme or sweet alyssum and include a few flowering shrubs like lilac and Korean spice viburnum for added fragrance from the ground up. And welcome fall with sweet autumn clematis growing over a fence or arbor.

And don’t forget to add a bit of color and fragrance indoors. A pot of hyacinths in the dining room is sure to make any meal memorable. Or force a pot of grape hyacinths to place in the guest bedroom or bathroom.

A bit more information:  Include a variety of flowers that provide fragrance throughout the year.  Look for fragrant varieties of trees and shrubs to maximize your enjoyment. Longfield Gardens has a few suggestions, including a calendar of Bloom Times for Fragrant Plants   

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