Photographing Gardens

November 18, 2016

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Gardeners love to capture the beauty of their garden in photographs to enjoy throughout the year and over time. We also like to capture other gardener’s ideas that inspire us and can be adapted to our own landscapes. But truly capturing the essence and beauty of a garden can be tricky.  Photographer Saxon Holt shared helpful tips in his blog Seeing the Native Plant Garden
Saxon talks about the challenges of capturing the essence of the native landscape. But his suggestions work equally well when designing or photographing any garden.

Look for or include pathways that lead your eye through the garden. Benches provide a focal point. As gardeners we seldom sit upon the bench, but provide them for visitors to view our gardens. He likes to shoot from behind the bench to capture the view the gardener wanted to share.

A bit more information: And don’t overlook individual plants and combinations. Watch how plant shapes, color and textures contrast and combine to create pockets of beauty in the garden.

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