Organic Pest Control Products

April 13, 2016

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Consider organic pest products when you need to manage weeds, insects and diseases in the garden. Soaps and plant oils help repel, kill and control many insects and some diseases.  Higher concentrations of these burn the above-ground portion of plants and are being used as the active ingredient for organic weedkillers.

Iron phosphate is the active ingredient in the eco-friendly slug and snail controls that won’t harm the birds, toads or pets that eat the poisoned slugs. Various strains of Baccillus thuringiensis (Bt) have long been used to control the larvae of caterpillars, gnats, mosquitoes and some beetles.  Additional biologicals with a wider range of controls are also available.

And even though you select an eco-friendly, natural or organic product make sure to read and follow all label directions carefully.

A bit more information:  Spinosad is another organic insecticide. It breaks down quickly in the environment and has been shown to have minimal negative effect on beneficial insects.

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