Old Fashioned Flower Favorites

February 22, 2016

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Picture a favorite garden from your past. Perhaps it included such traditional favorites as foxgloves, peonies, gardenias and sweet peas. Gardeners and brides are once again including many of these old-fashioned favorites in their gardens and weddings. 

Consider including a few of these in your landscape. The blush tones and pale shades are reminiscent of earlier times. Use foxgloves to create vertical interest in shady areas of the landscape. Plant these short lived perennial and biennial flowers two years in a row to insure yearly bloom. Grow fragrant varieties of sweet peas in containers, next to the patio or other areas where you can enjoy their fragrance.

Find a sunny spot for several long-lived peonies. Select varieties known for their fragrance and sturdy stems to eliminate the need for staking. Once the flowers have faded, you’ll enjoy the greenery and fall color these plants provide.

A bit more information: Include a few of these old fashioned flowers in your bouquets.  Cut the flowers in the morning and condition them to maximize their vase life.  Place freshly cut flowers in a container of fresh water and store in a cool location for 12 hours for conditioning. Be sure to recut the stems before creating your arrangement. 

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