Naturalizing Fall Planted Spring Flowering Bulbs

September 30, 2016

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Create a carefree spring garden with naturalizing bulbs planted in woodland gardens, large borders and beds and even the lawn. 

Select bulbs that are suited to the climate and growing conditions and require minimal care and maintenance. 

Consider bulbs like Scilla, snowdrops, anemone blanda, Glory-of-the-snow, grape hyacinth and daffodils. These will grow and multiply for years to come.

Plant bulbs in a random informal pattern to create a natural look.  Use groups of 30 or more small bulbs like squills and grape hyacinths for greater impact. You’ll only need about 5 to 9 larger bulbs like daffodils to achieve the same effect.

Many gardeners choose the planting location, prepare the soil if needed, gently toss the bulbs on the ground. Then using a bulb planter or trowel, they plant the bulbs at the proper depth.

A bit more information:  Leave the foliage in the garden until it naturally yellows and dries. These supply the energy needed for the bulbs to multiply and flower next season. Consider planting where the fading foliage won’t be a distraction or growing bulbs among perennials and grasses that help mask the yellowing leaves.

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