Must-Have Garden Tools Make Great Gifts

December 21, 2016

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Whether new or experienced, every gardener appreciates the gift of good garden tools.

A small pocket or folding pruning knife is a versatile tool. Seasoned gardeners and farmers use this for everything from cutting twine, digging small weeds or a little impulse pruning.

A garden or soil knife is a larger tool excellent for digging weeds, planting, dividing and cutting through roots. One side of the blade usually has small serrations for cutting.

A pair of small garden scissors that never dull are great for cutting just about anything. Use them to deadhead or harvest flowers.

A wider trowel is great for anything from planting, to digging to mixing soil. Narrow trowels are good for digging weeds and planting smaller bulbs. Consider ergonomic designs and quality materials like cast aluminum trowels that are long lasting.

A bit more information: Create a great place to keep these tools and other hand tools. Cover a 5-gallon bucket with a homemade or purchased pocket bucket organizer. It’s easy to carry throughout the garden while keeping tools organized.

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