Looking for a new show to binge? Molly Cruz has your Netflix watch list!

The list of must watch shows this fall and winter

November 13, 2018

Ok, the cold weather is here and you're in need of shows to pass the time?  I've done the hard work for you and created my must watch Netflix list below!  Feel free to share some of your favorite, binge-worthy shows... email me: molly.cruz@entercom.com 

FOR MY FOODIE FRIENDS... a few suggestions: 

  • The Great British Bake Off - If you like Chopped, this show is for YOU!  They start with a bakers dozen of novice bakers and challenge them weekly to a signature, technical and show stopper challenge.  I've already blown through about 5 seasons in a month.  The difference in this show is all of the contestants really seem to support eachother.  There is no crazy bad blood or drama, just some great baking!  
  • Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown - This has been one of my favorite shows, but they just released a bunch of NEW episodes.  If you love travel, food and an unedited view on the world.. this show is for you! 
  • Salt Fat Acid Heat - This is one that popped up on my feed randomly one day and I watched all 4 episodes without budging.  This show is a mix of travel, science and delicious food discovery.  A great, quick watch that taught me a lot about food and cooking. 
  • Ugly Delicious - This show is drool-worthy.  Pizza, tacos, BBQ, they cover it all and travel to the best places to eat... while of course bringing you along too. 


  • The Haunting of Hill House - Watch this one with the lights ON!  This is the scariest show I've watch in a while... but it was SO GOOD.  Ghosts and demons abound.  My BF and I became couch potatoes all weekend to finish this one.  It was THAT good. 
  • The Sinner - Jessica Biel deserves all the awards for her performance in this show.  It was chilling and kept me on the edge of my couch the entire time.  No spoilers, just watch it.  
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - I haven't finished this one yet, but it definitely gives me Sabrina the teenage witch vibes.  It's cute scary.  A fun watch.  
  • OZARK - I have NOT finished the 2nd season yet, but binged the 1st in one weekend.  It reminds me a lot of Breaking Bad is all the best ways.  Plus, Jason Bateman.  Nuff said. 


  • Queen Eye - Including this here because it's technically an old show... but they have an entirely new and even more lovable cast!  The first episode made me cry tears of joy... ok, who am I kidding?  EVERY episode had me crying tears of joy.  It is such a great, feel good show.  I now follow all the boys on social because I just love them so much.  
  • The Office - I mean, do I need to say more?  I've watched every episode about 100x at this point, but I just love it.  A great pick-me-up any day of the week. 
  • Forensic Files - They have basically every episode on Netflix and I thank the heavens for that.  Another show that is just so classic.  If you're in the murder mystery stuff, this should be in your regular rotation. 


These are just a FEW of my recent favorites!  Shoot me and email and let me know what I should watch next!  Molly.Cruz@entercom.com