Were the critics right about Bohemian Rhapsody?

Molly Cruz review of the movie...

November 7, 2018

Bohemian Rhapsody.  One of the most highly anticipated movies of the year.  But, why did critics give it less than steller reviews?  

60% on Rotten Tomatoes with a critics consensus of "it offers more of a medley than a true greatest hits collection" rather than an in-depth look into the band.  As a fan of Freddy Mercury and Queen, I decided to head to the movies to make my own decision!  I knew I'd love the music parts, but would the storyline also pique my interest and keep me engaged for 134 minutes?  

Without giving away any major spoilers... wait, are there really spoilers because we know how the movie ends?  I really DID enjoy the movie.  To combat what critics said about it NOT being an in-depth look into the band, I'd say they gave the cliff notes verison of their story.  I mean, without the movie being 4 hours long, how could it NOT be cliff notes verison?  Regardless, they cover Freddie's upbringing, how he met the band, their start and troubles with record label/management, Freddie's struggle with his idenity and sexuality, the evolution of the band... and my favorite part, how they created and came up with ideas for their songs.  The highlights of Freddie's life and the band's career were all pretty much covered.  A few critics made note that the film was "watered down and overedited", but I think they did their best to cover the basics and keep the storyline moving forward. 

In my opinion, there were a few parts that were a bit drawn out.. but all in all, I'd give Bohemian Rhapsody an 8/10.  If I saw it on TV or a streaming service, I would watch it again and sing along.  The movie was a celebration of their music and it didn't focus too much on the sad/bad/or dirty habits.  

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