Pink Helps a Young Milwaukee Fan Who Was Being Bullied

This almost made me cry last night at the concert!

May 3, 2019

Pink stopped her show last night in Milwaukee to talk about a young girl named, Thea, that she met before her show at the Fiserv Forum.  Thea's mom tweeted Pink to tell her about how Thea has been getting bullied at school.  Pink saw the tweet and brought Thea backstage to make a video for her bullies! 
WATCH THE FULL VIDEO BELOW!  She said, "Dude, bullies, if you see people getting bullied please stick up for them, they need support!".  She continued by saying, "I got bullied so bad as a kid!  I mean, obviously I'm fine!".  She ended with saying, "Bullies are such cowards! Thea, I love you sweetheart!" 

This almost brought me to tears last night at the Fiserv Forum!  Such a special moment. 

And BTW, Pink is the first FEMALE to headline a show at the new Fiserv Forum!  The show was incredibly action packed, she is not only talented but so kind.