Is fake meat actually good?

Here's my review on the new Impossible Whopper

August 20, 2019

Is fake meat actually good?? 

I've been (mostly) vegetarian for the past 3 years. On occasion I'll eat meat, but for the most part I try to stick to the veggies.  There have been a ton of really great "meat substitute" options that have come out the past few years and I'll warn you, not all are created equal.  And not all are "healthy" either.  I think that's the biggest misconception about the vegetarian and vegan diet.  Just because you stop eating meat doesn't mean you'll instantly lose weight.  A lot of new vegetarians/vegans struggle to find foods that make them feel full, so they load up on carbs and starchy foods... Which is yummy, but not always great for the waste line.  A lot of what I call vegan junk foods are also filled with tons of sodium too.  Also not good.  

I will say, there is ONE meat substitute that is so good even a huge carnivore could be fooled.  And that is the Impossible Burger.  I tried it for the first time a few years ago.  I bought the burgers frozen from Whole Foods and made them at home.  We were shocked to find the veggie patty actually "bleeds" like a real beef patty.  It's not from real blood, but from the beets they put in the patty.  Pretty cool, right?  They look, smell, taste and have the same texture as a REAL meat burger.  It's crazy!  So when I heard a few months ago Burger King was making an Impossible Whopper, I was ecstatic! They did a soft launch in a few test markets before going nationwide, but finally made their officially debut at our Milwaukee BK locations this week! 

So, did it live up to my original expectations?  I have to say, it actually exceeded them!  As you can see, it looks just like a regular Whopper.  And after my first few bites, I almost thought maybe the kitchen made a mistake and put a regular meat patty on the bun, instead of the Impossible Burger.  It was just as I remembered!  The look, smell, taste and texture was exactly like a real meat patty.  And yes, I have had a REAL meat burger recently... So I do have a good comparison.  If you like the regular Whopper, I'd say give this one a try.  It's super tasty!  

Unfortunately, if you're looking for a healthier form of a Whopper... This is not it.  I looked up the nutritional ingredients and they were pretty close to those of the original Whopper.  Impossible Burger actually had a bit more sodium, too.  BUT, it is delicious!  And for my non-meat eating friends, this is a great on the go option if you're on the road or looking for a quick lunch.  

Despite the poor nutritional benefits, I will definitely go back for another one soon :)