Interview: Flora Cash - From Meeting Online to Living in Stockholm!

Their relationship started on Soundcloud of all places!

March 21, 2019

Another one of those days where I say to myself “man, I really love my job!”. We had a visit from Flora Cash and not only got to hear a few of their songs, which are ALL amazing, BUT we also had really great interview too!

Flora Cash consists of married couple, Cole and Shpresa. They tell the super cute story about how they lived on opposite sides of the world! Cole in Minneapolis and Shpresa in Stockholm, Sweden! Both were making music and searching for inspiration online, when Shpresa found Cole’s Soundcloud account and posted a few comments on his songs. It’s all history from there! After months of skyping from across the globe, they finally met and formed Flora Cash.

Cole and Shpresa currently live in Sweden, but have spent time in the US before they moved! Shpresa even told us about some of her favorite American treats to enjoy when she’s in the states and Cole shared with us one of his favorite Swedish swear words he’s learned!

They’ve seen some great success from their most recent single “You're Somebody Else” with almost 30 million streams on Spotify today! We chatted about what inspired that song and how they have both struggled with their mental health and anxiety.

You can find out what both Cole and Shpresa would do if they WEREN’T musicians, what music/artists they are currently loving, and those who have inspired them with the interview video at the top of this page!