Forget Bandersnatch and Birdbox, THIS is What You NEED To Watch on Netflix!

This is your next Netflix binge-watch!

January 8, 2019

You've seen all your Facebook friends talking and posting memes about Bandersnatch and Birdbox... Yes, both we're pretty good.  I'd actually argue that Bandersnatch did NOT live up to the hype for me, but that's for another blog.  Maybe, like me, after watching those over the holdays you're wondering, "What do I watch next?!".  I have the PERFECT show that I know will hook you and keep you on the couch for hours! 

Search for "YOU" on Netflix.  My boyfriend actually found this one and I will admit... we sat on the couch ALL DAY and watched it from start to finish.  It's been a LONG time since I've done that.  I think the last time was over the summer with Jessica Biel's show "The Sinner".  

Here's my brief, no-spoiler, review.  If you liked Penn Badgley aka Dan Humphreys on "Gossip Girl", then you'll instantly dig this.  He's the main character and goes by the name Joe.  It's your typical nerdy guy tries to get the hot, cool girl.  The twist?  He has some super creepy stalker ways of attracting and keeping her interested in him.  In the age of technology, you can easily find out A LOT about someone.  And "YOU" definitely exposes how vulnerable a lot of us are.  There are many dark, twisted moments in this show, but I think the most interesting part is how you continue to root form Joe despite it all.  I recently turned my BFF on to this show and she texted me the day after saying, "Finished watching YOU hiding under a blanket.  I'm pretty terrified of all people now.  If I watched this and I wasn't in a relationship, I probably wouldn't date anyone again".. Don't let this discourage you.  She still watched it in about 48 hours!  It's creepy and addicting! 

If you watch, please let me know what you think!  @mollyonthemix on all socials.. or email me :)  I'm always looking for something new to watch, so feel free to send more suggestions!  XO!