5 Things I Learned While Staying in a Tiny House!

Less than 1,000 sq ft for 4 days, what could go wrong?!

April 5, 2019

MOLLY, HOW THE HECK DID I END UP IN A TINY HOUSE?!?  Well, the story starts like this…

My BF and I were looking to get away for a couple of days and love to travel to new places for an unplanned adventure together.  We found some cheap flights to Austin, TX and since neither of us had ever been but have heard great things…we booked it!  

Next step; find a place to stay.  All of the hotels were a little out of our price range, so we turned to Airbnb!  We've used it before and LOVE it more than hotels (if you can believe that)! My BF stumbled upon this adorable "tiny house" and after looking through the pictures and reviews… we booked it! 

So, what is a Tiny House? 
If you haven't seen the Tiny House shows on HGTV or FYI, a tiny house that is less than 1,000 square feet.  Usually between 400-1,000 square feet.  To give you a better idea of how small that is, the average house is between 1,725 - 2,500 square feet.  Many people decide to downsize to tiny houses to save money on water, electricity, and gas since a tiny house typically uses less than a large house.  

Here’s what I learned while staying in this cute little house for 4 days with my BF! 

1. You can fit all of your essentials into a seriously tiny space! 
Check out the pics of the kitchen and bathroom.  Everything you would usually use/need is all right there; fridge/freeze, little convection oven, hot plate, sink, plates, and other dinnerware.  Plus, I loved all the shiplap and clean design/decor.  It was definitely "my style"! 

2. Ever heard of an Incinolet? I learned really quick about this one! 
Our host, Aaron, was so nice!  He met us as soon as we arrived to show us around the property, but mostly to show us how to use this Incinolet!  He explained to us how expensive it would have been to run bathroom plumbing to the tiny house, so he found a less expensive alternative.  (side note:  He DOES plan to invest in the bathroom plumbing once he builds a few more tiny houses on his property).  Essentially, you open the toilet lid and put in a paper liner (no matter the business you're doing).  Once you're done; push a lever and the paper (and contents) fall below.  Then press a button and it LIGHTS YOUR STUFF ON FIRE!! LOL!  At first, it was kind of weird... but we got used to it quickly and actually found it to be funny. 
PS. There weren't any nasty smells from the burning, instead, the smell was similar to a candle after being blown out.

3. Don't travel here with someone you aren't used to sharing very close quarters with!  
Thankfully, my BF and I already live together... so we are very used to the ins and outs of each other’s routine/belongings.  And we are already used to each other’s MESSES!  If I was traveling with a friend and we were staying in a tiny house I might not have the same opinion because the space is tiny! 

4. Pack LIGHT and only bring the essentials! 
As you can imagine, space is limited and clutter happens quick!  You can see especially in the bathroom!  There’s not much space for bathroom or beauty products.  Thankfully, my BF and I share a lot of the same shower products minimizing the clutter.  Again, if I was traveling with a girlfriend, I could imagine it being VERY crowded with a LOT of beauty products, clothes, shoes, ETC.

PS.  I didn't get a picture, but the shower was very large and had one of those luxurious rainfall shower heads.  It was magical! 

5. "Do you think we could ever really live in one of these tiny houses?!"  
I'd love to, but don't think it's the best option for me.  With two people, it isn't so bad.  But we have two dogs, so it would be too cramped for all of us!  I think living alone in a tiny house would be the ideal situation.  

Overall, we had a GREAT experience in the tiny house!  Our hosts, Aaron and Roxy, were SO NICE!  We had some great conversations along with some great Austin recommendations.  Their house was 10 minutes from just about everything we wanted to do/explore!  They even had a lush garden and offered us to take/eat anything we wanted!  We will definitely be back to Austin to visit and will definitely stay at another tiny house in our future travels :) 

Questions?  Feel free to hit me up on social @mollyonthemix on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. 

I'd love to hear about your tiny house experiences or share more pics with you!  XO - Molly Cruz