10 Most Wanted on The Mix with Molly Cruz (4/16/19)

Which artist just got a face tattoo?

April 16, 2019
Joe Jonas

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Another week and another countdown of the 10 Most Wanted on The Mix with (me) Molly Cruz! Feel free to hit me up with your feedback with song suggestions that should be on our list, you can message me any time @MollyOnTheMixon Facebook/Instagram/Twitter!

This week’s countdown includes an artist that got their first-ever face tattoo and I have the pic for proof! Plus, which artist sported a Game of Thrones dress (he looked really good, might I add)? Finally, this week’s number one seemingly came out of nowhere and I’m totally hooked on this song now!

Here are the 10 Most Wanted songs this week...

10. P!NK – Walk Me Home (#3 Last Week)

While on tour and gearing up for the release of her new album, on April 26th, Pink has found some time to read! She recommended a book on her Instagram called “The Tattooist of Aschwitz”. I’m totally joining in on this unofficial P!NK book club and checking this one out ASAP.

REMINDER: Her new album HURTS 2B HUMAN is out next Friday, April 26th!

9. Imagine Dragons – Bad Liar (New This Week)

Imagine Dragons’ front man, Dan Reynolds, recently spoke out against other musicians that have criticized their music. One of the bands was Foster the People and Mark Foster joked that his band gave all of their rejected material to Imagine Dragons. Upon reflection, Mark has since issued an apology to Dan which includes this positive note that more musicians need to hear, “i truly believe that if artists are supportive of each other and stood together, united, that we can be a positive healing force in the world.”

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8. Jonas Brothers – Sucker (#4 Last Week)

ICYMI, Tiger Woods won The Masters on Sunday... and the Jo-Bros were spotted there celebrating! Apparently, it’s a yearly tradition to go and watch the game! Like many, the Bros were shocked and ecstatic about the win!

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7. Post Malone & Swae Lee – Sunflower (New This Week)

Swae Lee has many tattoos across his body but a few days ago he ventured into previously uncharted territory by getting his first-ever face tattoo. It appears that he has tattooed a red rose on his left cheek between his eye and ear. I’m not big on face tattoos, but hey, whatever you want to do Swae Lee, it’s your body (or in this case, face)!

New face tatt bitch !

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6. Lauren Daigle – You Say (#7 Last Week - three weeks in a row)

Gotta love Lauren Daigle for her constant positivity and REALNESS! She just posted a ton of goofy face photos of her Instagram and said “Just a little something REAL for ya while you scroll through the myriad of Instagram perfection mirages”.

----Just a little something real for ya while you scroll through the myriad of Instagram perfection mirages... Happy Monday, everyone ----♥️

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5. Thomas Rhett – Look What God Gave Her (New This Week)

At the ACM Awards last week, Thomas Rhett talked about how the song is about his love for her wife and his daughters! They all made a cameo in the video too. He’s such a loving dad and husband! It’s so CUTE!

4. Ava Max – Sweet But Psycho (#2 Last Week - three weeks in a row)

Ever wear the same outfit multiple days in a row? Don’t feel bad. So does Ava Max! It’s ok though because she has the #1 song in 22 countries, so she can do no wrong.

PS. Did you see her on Ellen the other day?!

3. Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper – Shallow (#1 Last Week - four weeks in a row)

No surprise here, Shallow is in the 10 Most Wanted again! I actually just rewatched “A Star is Born” again this weekend and balled my eyes out. So beautiful and so sad!

2. Jonas Brothers – Cool (New This Week)

If you don’t follow the Jo-Bros on social, you should! Joe Jonas was supporting his future wifey, Sophie Turner, but dressing as her character, Sansa, on Instagram. After watching, I’m thinking red is a good color on him LOL …AND if you haven’t listened to this new song from the brothers, you should because it’s SO GOOD!


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1. Lil Nas X – Old Town Road (New This Week)

If you haven’t heard this song, your kids definitely have! At first, I couldn’t stand it, but it’s so catchy and has become my new favorite song! Apparently, a lot of others think so too as it just broke the single week streaming record with over 80 million streams in a week, surpassing Drake's "God's Plan" which previously held the record at 69 million streams in one week.

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