10 Most Wanted on The Mix with Molly Cruz (3/19/19)

Jonas Brothers or Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper, who is #1?

March 19, 2019
10 Most Wanted on The Mix

Welcome back to our new web series countdown called the 10 Most Wanted on The Mix with (me) Molly Cruz! I had so much fun working on this last week and hearing which songs you’re really into right now as well! You can always message me any time @MollyOnTheMix on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter to let me know which songs you want to see on our next Top 10!  

Here are the 10 Most Wanted songs this week...

10. Lauren Daigle – You Say (#7 Last Week)

Apple Music just added Lauren Daigle to their Up Next playlist, which features new and emerging artists that you have to hear! Lauren’s song “You Say” should already be on your playlist but in case it isn’t, you should go add it now!

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9. Sam Smith & Normani – Dancing With A Stranger (New this week)

Sam Smith is a huge advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and in an IGTV interview on Jameela Jamil’s new series “I Weigh”, during which Sam mentioned that they identify as non-binary (neither male or female). I’m so happy for Sam that they were able to be so open about their identity!

8. Dean Lewis – Be Alright (New this week)

Like Lauren Daigle, Dean Lewis also made it on Apple Music’s “Up Next” playlist and last week, he made it to the top of Billboard’s Emerging Artists chart! Go, Dean Lewis!

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7. Panic! At The Disco – High Hopes (#8 Last Week)

I loved seeing Brendon Urie and Panic! At The Disco at the Fiserv Forum back in January! He has some serious pipes and took his act to whole new heights when he played the piano while floating over the crowd. They are a must-see in concert kind of band, if you haven’t already! 

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6. Lady Gaga – Always Remember Us This Way (#4 Last Week)

Rumors have been going around as to whether or not Lady Gaga is pregnant, well with a tweet she put the rumors to bed. She is in fact pregnant! But not with a child, her new album! I am beyond excited with the idea that Lady Gaga has even more new music on the way!

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5. Ariana Grande – 7 Rings (New this week)

Yesterday at 3am, Ariana Grande posted that she was “evolving” (her word) her ‘Always’ tattoo known to be dedicated to her late fiancé, Pete Davidson. She claims that the leaves are not a cover up but it looks like she’s leaving that option open based on placement. You do you, Ariana, I just want you to be happy!

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4. Halsey – Without Me (#5 Last Week)

It is clear that Halsey’s fans have embraced her budding relationship with YUNGBLUD as they quickly responded to an odd Instagram comment on one of his recent posts made by Machine Gun Kelly. One supporter simply put “don’t mess with them. Just don’t.” Is there a new music feud brewing? Time will tell.

3. Ava Max – Sweet But Psycho (#6 Last Week)

Have you ever noticed that the Milwaukee-born artist, Ava Max, sounds a little bit like Lady Gaga? I know right?! You can totally hear it now! I’m sure Ava Max is destined for greatness and a long career! She’s even returning to Milwaukee to perform at The Rave on June 23!

2. Jonas Brothers – Sucker (#1 Last Week)

Last week the Jo-Bros were at number one our list and this week they drop back one spot. Can you imagine the pressure of keeping a major reunion like this a secret? Well, Joe nearly let the secret slip when Will.i.am saw the brothers together at the airport along with their team. He managed to side step the question and the secret was safe!

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1. Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper – Shallow (#2 last week)

This next sentence is going to sound bizarre, but they are details you just can’t make up. Fred Durst (of Limp Bizkit) hosted a Jazz Night… which Lady Gaga managed to crash! What?! First of all, what is Fred Durst doing hosting a Jazz night of all genres? Then Lady Gaga shows up and performs two Frank Sinatra songs? Again, you can’t make a story like this up!

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Again, this list is for YOU, so chat with me on social media @MollyOnTheMix on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter and let me know what you think should make the 10 Most Wanted on The Mix!