Which Wisconsin Sports Team Are You Based on Your Astrological Sign?

The answer may surprise you!

April 10, 2019

Here in Wisconsin, we have a lot of pride for our hometown teams! Find out which team you REALLY belong to based on astrology! 

Aries & Leo: Milwaukee Bucks

You are extremely determined to excel and win in every activity you participate in. You share this quality with the Milwaukee Bucks this season! They are #1 in the NBA, and will not stop until they’re on top, just like you! These signs are also known to be very energetic, so you’ll definitely be able to keep up the speed needed for the court! You also love the feeling of community, so you fit right in with the strong Bucks culture.

I had to grind like that to shine like this -- #FearTheDeer

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Taurus & Virgo: Green Bay Packers

As Earth signs, you’re best suited to sports that are played outdoors! Taurus and Virgos and big team players, which is a necessity for the Packers. Virgos are very into routine and responsibility, so you’ll be able to keep up with the strategic plays. Taurus signs absolutely love food the most, so maybe you’re best suited to be a lineman. Overall, you’re very loyal, just like the fans of the Packers!

Tap twice if you’re missing Sundays at Lambeau.

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Libra & Gemini: Milwaukee Brewers

As signs that belong to the Air element, you knock those balls out of the park every time! You are cooperative, a team player, but are also great at working independently! You will thrive in the team environment of the Brewers, but also love the specific team roles to show off your talents. The Milwaukee Brewers appreciate the support of their fans, as do Libras and Geminis love to be surrounded by their loved ones.

@christianyelich: Keepin’ it --.

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Cancer & Pisces: Wisconsin Mascots!

Pisces and Cancers prefer to be in control of situations, so team sports may not be the best role that represents you. However, every team needs the perfect mascot to get the fans pumped. You are extremely imaginative, humorous, and people-oriented, all of which are the most important qualities of a mascot! You would have a blast making people smile as Bango, Bernie, Bucky, or the Racing Sausages.

‪Happy #OpeningDay⁠ @brewers!! ⚾️ -- ‪From ☝️division champ to another!‬ ‪

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Scorpio & Capricorn: Wisconsin Badgers Football 

These signs are known to be attracted to thrilling experiences and are not afraid of risks. You aren’t afraid to get right up in the physical action of the Badgers. You are undoubtedly courageous and assertive, just like the Badgers who never give up and always push hard until the end. You have a lot of self-control and intelligence, so you’re able to carry out strategic plans for the Badgers.

Because kids can’t fight cancer alone. @badgerfootball -- @badgervb -- #GoGold #BadgersGiveBack

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Sagittarius & Aquarius: Brew City Bruisers 

Both Sagittarius and Aquarius signs are known to be very energetic and strong, which makes you just like the Brew City Bruisers! The thing these signs dislike the most is feeling constrained, and you feel far from it in the roller derby. You are very open-minded and also strive to be apart of a strong community feeling, which the Brew City Bruisers have! 

We’re proud to promote #WomenInSports today and every day. Our athletes are truly accomplished, and equal access to sports benefits everyone. Help us celebrate by: - Attending one of our games this weekend. - Signing up for our May 11 boot camp - Encouraging a girl you know to gain fitness and confidence through our Brewcity Micro Bruisers Junior roller derby program More info at www.brewcitybruisers.com #NGWSD2019 ‬ Photo credit: Bruce Berna Photo model and SHINING STAR of a human being: Anita D’Groin

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