Rookie Rockstar Taylor Amann from Wisconsin Takes on American Ninja Warrior

“A new Ninja star in the making!”

September 3, 2019
Taylor Amann

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SPOILER ALERT: If you’re not caught up on the 11th season of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior and plan to, save this article and come back to it. If you want to get caught up quick, here is where you can watch (on Hulu) to cheer on our Wisconsin native, Taylor Amann!

  • Oklahoma City Qualifiers (S11E03): skip to 17:30
  • Oklahoma City Finals (S11E09): skip to 32:04
  • National Finals (S11E14): skip to 12:28

*Again, spoilers ahead*

Good, now that we’re on the same page, how impressive is Taylor Amann?! American Ninja Warrior commentators, Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila, had a few things to say about Taylor in her 3 episodes:

“A new Ninja star in the making” and that she was quickly becoming a “Rookie Rockstar”!

Alright coconut climb... we meet again... Find out what happens next during the City Finals on MONDAY! -- 8/7c on NBC ... #ninjawarrior #doingthings #americanninjawarrior #top5females #anw11 #obstaclecourse

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Undoubtedly, Taylor is a star on the rise and quickly showing the nation that, yes indeed, the future is FEMALE!

Taylor is making Wisconsin proud, she’s a native to the Hartland area and attended Arrowhead; she went on to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison and became an All-American Pole Vaulter!

The floating monkey bars are so much trickier than they look! When you have to carry the bar with you, there is nothing to stop it from spinning or rolling out of the cradle. It’s pretty hard to grip with one hand, and if you miss the perfect placement on the first swing, clinging on for dear life through the backswing feels impossible! In case you haven’t seen the episode yet, I’ll hold off on posting any results until tomorrow, but thank you guys so much for supporting and cheering for me! @ninjawarrior

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One goal of Taylor’s is to be a fitness model and has been inspired by other American Ninja Warriors who she has seen find success in it. Jessie Graff is a veteran American Ninja Warrior who works as a stunt-woman and is sponsored by Under Armour; like Taylor both of them competed in pole vaulting in college and have a background in gymnastics.

Another veteran she draws inspiration from is Meagan Martin who has been competing consecutively since season 6 and was the first woman in American Ninja Warrior history to complete the Jumping Spider (which is the same obstacle that took out Taylor in National Finals - hope these two can meet up to go over technique!).

I finally have a second between moving and heading to the airport to post something about Monday’s episode of @ninjawarrior. Thank you so much to everyone who watched and for all of the kind words! I was happy that I was able to figure out how to do the 5th obstacle after being too aggressive with the bar in the qualifier. Unfortunately, on the second part I ended up off kilter, and I wasn’t able to properly fix it. In that moment I was definitely disappointed, because all of a sudden I was experiencing something I never had before when it comes to ninja, which was not making it to Vegas and thus dealing with my worst performance ever on the show. The more I reflect on it the more I realize it was all a blessing in disguise that everything happened the way it did. I think if I attempted the wall it would have been extremely risky with my hamstring in the condition it was in, and there’s a good chance I would have made it worse. I also think that even if I had made it, I wouldn’t have been able to compete in Vegas due to how much lower body is in Stage 1. Since Tacoma, I was able to start really taking care of my injury! I got PRP injections about a week after we filmed Tacoma, then I spent some time on crutches, and I’m still in the process of rehabbing. It’s been a few months and I’m happy that I had the opportunity to really work on fixing this set back that my body was having. It’s been quite a year, and I’m happy to say I’m more motivated than ever to come back next year and attack the course with a healthy body!!! Great job to everyone who made it to Vegas ☺️❤️--!!!

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Though Taylor is out as of last night for this season of American Ninja Warrior, we know she’ll be back for years to come. She was, after all, the Top Woman in the Oklahoma City Finals! Can’t wait to see her hit the buzzer next season with the experience she has gained!

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