10 April Fools' Day Pranks to Play on Your Kids or Significant Other

Fun and family-friendly practical jokes!

March 31, 2019

April Fools' Day is a celebration of pulling practical jokes on others that falls on April 1st of each year. Now, we know coming up with a 'clever prank' isn't the easiest thing to do so we wanted to help you come up with some easy ideas that you can play on your kids (or significant other).

To play on your kids:

  • Freeze their morning cereal: This prank will leave your kids speechless as they dig into their morning cereal, only to have it be solid! 

April Fool's! Cereal and spoons frozen in their bowls. K rolled with it and ate breakfast like a popsicle. Lol. #aprilfoolsday2018 #littlesouschefs #frozencereal #koricancook

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  • Put a party popper taped to their door: This prank will leave your kids wide awake as they’re walking out of their bedrooms in the morning.
  • Make them a frosting filled grilled cheese sandwich: Frosting is great, but not in grilled sandwich form. You can put your own twist on it, and add anything you’d like to their sandwich!
  • Replace their Oreo stuffing with toothpaste: This an oldie, but a goodie ...prank. Your kids will never see it coming when you offer them an afternoon snack of delicious Oreos. 

Ha ha!!!! I did this to my sis!!! She got sooooo mad!!!! #toothpasteoreo !!!! --

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  • Wrap their door, bed, and pillows in plastic wrap before they get home: It’ll be hilarious when they attempt to walk into their rooms only to be welcomed by a plastic wrap wall. Then, since they think the prank is over, they’ll be even more surprised to see their cozy bed covered in clear plastic. 

To play on your significant other:

  • Tape a “Honk at me” sign on their car: Your significant other will be confused when everyone is honking at them during their commute. You could even encourage people to shout a phrase or wave at them when passing by. 

The lucky recipient of my April fools joke. I hope the school kids walking by don't rip it off before it works it's magic. -- Lol #aprilfoolsjoke #officepranks #honkatme #oblivious

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  • Put an action figure taped to their car’s backup camera: They’ll have a laugh when leaving for their morning commute when they’re greeted by their favorite superhero.
  • Change the homepage on their computer: They’ll be in for a surprise when they open up their computer and see a screen full of dancing corgis.
  • Mess with the autocorrect on their phone: Go into the phone settings, and navigate the the keyboard settings. There will be an option to edit “text replacement” settings. Here, you can pick phrases your significant other will type like “hi” or “I love you” and replace it with something a little more interesting. Just be careful they won’t be texting their boss that morning! 

When you change a bunch of words your sister uses daily to something else -- #autocorrectprank #idieadlaughing #sorrynotsorry #seriouslyfunnythough #toldherbeforeshecalledApple #imhilarious #loveyew #hehe

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  • Surprise haircut freakout: Grab a piece of fake hair extension from the drug store, and a pair of scissors. Sneak up behind him/her and make the snip sounds with the scissors for them to turn around and see the piece of “their” hair!  

Loved the prank #chanthony @imanthonytruj @imchancesutton @erikacostell #anerika

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There you have it, 10 fun and relatively harmless practical jokes that you can play on your family for April Fools' Day! Hopefully you can use these or they help inspire a different prank. We'd love to hear what kind of pranks you've pulled on Facebook at @991TheMix!