Low Maintenance Willow Amsonia

August 17, 2016

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Add seasonal beauty to your landscape with the help of Willow Amsonia. This easy care perennial makes a nice addition to mixed borders as well as formal, informal and more natural flower gardens. You and the butterflies will enjoy the icy blue flowers that appear in late spring through early summer. But the show doesn’t end there. The green leaves are attractive all summer and turn golden yellow and seem to glow in the fall garden. 

The finer foliage of Amsonia hubrecktii adds nice texture to the garden.  It combines nicely with other perennials such as asters, grasses and alliums. Hardy in zones 3 to 9, willow amsonia grows best in full sun. The blooms will last a bit longer with a little afternoon shade. But too much shade results in floppy growth. These adaptable plants tolerate a wide range of conditions including rain gardens.

A bit more information:  Deer tend to pass by willow amsonia for other plants they prefer. If you prefer a neater appearance, prune the plants back halfway after flowering to encourage more upright and tidy growth.

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